Apocalypse Me

  • 3/3 – 15/4/2016
  • Curated by Jan Zálešák
  • Galerie Emila Filly
  • Ústí nad Labem CZ
The exhibition project Apocalypse Me focuses on several interconnected topics that have been discussed recently in the fields of philosophy and anthropology as well as contemporary art. Post-humanism and the critique of anthropocentrism in these fields have arrived at a supposed ontological turn. The efforts to place humans and things on the same level might seem odd at first, but it is not too difficult to find reasons for this. The need for a change of perspective, and for removing humans (at least speculatively) from the center of focus is connected both to an awareness of the ecological crisis that we seem to be inevitably aiming towards, and to developments in the fields of computing technologies, artificial intelligence, biotechnologies and financial markets.
Cyborgs do not necessarily need to be ruthless killing machines from the future, they are more likely to be disguised as computer networks into which our lives are more and more embedded. Even though we might be living in a utopia today, the question remains what the future might look like, and if there remains any room for humanity. The exhibition Apocalypse Me introduces works by a younger generation of artists who respond sensitively to changes that have been undergoing on the borders of nature, culture and technologies.
Josef Bolf
Aleš Čermák
Michal Cáb
Martin Kohout
Vilém Novák
Anna Slámová
Pavel Sterec
Patricie Dominguez
Irvina Morazan
"Self-portrait" Cartesian Meditation