Inventory before Disappearance

  • 29/3 – 15/9/2013
  • Egon Schiele Art Centrum
  • Český Krumlov CZ
“It is based on a book of photographs of the French countryside from the 1920s, but it also seems to me that it could relate to dreams that we forget in the morning and during the day, or that it is simply a list of things that lose meaning. In computer games, the world ‘inventory’ also describes the list of items that the player has found or purchased, or that he received at the start of the game,” says the artist about the exhibition.

The 500 m2 exhibition at the Egon Schiele Art Centrum in Český Krumlov was the premiere exhibition of new, melancholic, large-format watercolors of urban landscapes with isolated figures, dark portraits lost against the drawing’s background, the art films Corridor (from the Prague Quadrennial), You, and The Living Room, and other works.
The exhibition is part of the exhibition cycle Intimissimo, which brings together Czech and Austrian artists: Josef Bolf, Alena Kupčíková, Roman Týc, Miriam Schwack, Ztohoven, Bernadette Huber, Paul Horn & Harald Hund, Daniel Amin Zaman.

Exhibition Photographs
© Egon Schiele Art Centrum
Forlorn Martyrs Pull a Mirror From the Abyss